Welcome to the Palace Gallery Family Business Portal!

As the name implies, our products compare to those sold in the palace galleries during the Renaissance, where the nobility invited the finest craftsmen
to display their merchandise inside the palaces for the convenience and entertainment of their guests.
Our gallery has been supplying historical enthusiasts with a selection of fine quality accessories for 25 years.
Made from our original patterns, these designs are based on historical styles found in private collections, museums and libraries throughout the Knowne World.

Below, you will find links to each of our family businesses and their corresponding website/Etsy shop.
Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy exploring our products!

Palace Gallery

Our parent company, Palace Gallery, was founded almost 30 years ago.
We have merchanted at countless SCA events under the name of Gipsy Peddler.
Palace Gallery provides reenactors far and wide with Renaissance accessories, handmade, historical jewelry,
hats ranging from the 12th to 19th centuries and so much more. Our hats have been used in theatre, reenactments, museums, and operas.
We have even outfitted Disney Cruise lines with more than a dozen hats! Visit our website or Etsy shop to see the full collection.

Gipsy Peddler

Gispy Peddler provides handmade SCA Rapier Armor to fighters all over the world.
Our selection of high quality armor is made in the USA by myself (Mistress Saviya) and my daughter Kate.
We designed these patterns ourselves and are proud to have
our products on list fields, and in theatrical productions and ren faires.
Check out our Quick Shop for all of our in stock rapier armor, or visit our Etsy shop for a variety of made to order outfits and accessories.

Jagwire Jewelry Studio

The symbols of Ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Native American and Aztec civilizations have always fascinated me.
Since I was a child I have loved comparing the cultures that are so distant
physically from each other but so close in archaeology structures and artifacts.
The common thread of pyramids, gold and turquoise still fascinates me as an adult
and has been the motivating factor in designing the jewelry you see in this shop.

Johnny Americano

Johnny Americano and their sister company Pride and Protest are the newest additions to our collection of family businesses.
Johnny Americano specializes in vintage americana and nostalgia.
They scour thrift stores and estate sales to find the coolest and most collectible vintage items.
Papa had an extensive Hot Wheels and Texaco collection that was left to the grandkids.
You will find it here along with several interesting and unique pieces from the 70s, 80s and 90s.
Find our Etsy Shop here.

Pride & Protest

Pride and Protest was born after my grandaughter was brought into the fold to work
for our parent company, Palace Gallery. She has taken over the hat and cockade department and decided to bring
her passion for historical rosettes to the modern world.
She hand folds and hand stitches each of the rosettes in her shop.
Her collection ranges from political protest, LGBTQ+ pride, team colors,
sports colors and is always open to creating a custom design for her customers.
She also has conceptualized some 3D wall art from her rosettes.
Find her Etsy shop here for your modern day rosette needs.